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Insulated Doors

Eurocold insulated doors are suitable for all applications where hygiene, temperature control and reliability are of paramount importance.   

Typically our insulated doors are used on coldrooms, freezers, chillers, food processing areas, and food preparation areas. Eurocold insulated doors are complete with an LPC approved PIR core.

All insulated doors have Fermod door furniture as standard. With the Eurocold range of insulated doors and insulated rollup door the customer can expect a quality product at a competitive price, manufactured to a critical deadline. Insulated doors are available ex-works, delivered only, or delivered and installed.

We also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service throughout the UK for all types of insulated doors. In addition we stock a full range of spare parts for insulated doors which can be delivered to site within 24 hours in order to effect emergency repairs.

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