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Fermod Shelving

Fermostock Static modular shelving system by Fermod

Assembly is through conic metal clips manufactured in anodized aluminium, and with the famous system patented uprights/horizontal shelf rails.


The 5611 Fermostock can be installed in single units or combinations allowing a number of configurations including « L », « U », « T », and « + » layouts.  


The benefits of these system are:


  • allows one person to carry out the installation quickly and efficiently without the need of tools.

  • designed for the food industry and conforms to the construction and regulations ensuring the highest hygienic standards.

  • each polymer insert is dishwasher safe (+ 100°C maxi).

  • better space management ensuring maximum use of available storage area through combinations of its standards units.

  • Using temperature : - 40°C to + 80°C.


We offer the facility for self design through our Fermostock layout and costing program available on request.

These are a few of the available sizes/layouts already sold, please contact us for your customised order.

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