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Fermod Shelving

Fermostock Static modular shelving system by Fermod

The 5711 Fermostock can be installed in single units or combinations allowing a number of configurations including « L », « U », « T », and « + » layouts.   Assembly is through conic metal clips manufactured in anodized aluminium, and with the famous system patented uprights/horizontal shelf rails.  Using this system any combination is possible to fit out your coldroom and maximise the space available.  
The benefits of this system are:

  • allows one person to carry out the installation quickly and efficiently without the need of tools, clips together easily.

  • designed for the food industry and conforms to the construction and regulations ensuring the highest hygienic standards.

  • each polymer insert is dishwasher safe (+ 100°C maxi).

  • better space management ensuring maximum use of available storage area through combinations of its standard units.

  • Using temperature : - 40°C to + 80°C.


We offer the facility for self design through our Fermostock layout and costing program see below.

Steps to building your own Fermod shelving system

Step 1 - Click on 'Build Shelving'. 

Step 2 - Select the width and depth from the selection options for your first Fermod shelving item. Make sure you have the quantity selected you require for this size shelving, Then add to cart.

Step 3 -  Proceed to checkout if you have what you need or complete the same process again. Select the size and width of the next Fermod shelving item you require and the quantity you require at this size. Then add to cart

Step 4 -  Either view cart to check you have the correct items in your basket and proceed to checkout or continue adding shelving items in the size and quantity you need, checkout when needed.


Happy Shopping! 

Fermod Shelving Individual Components

Why Choose Eurocold As Your Cold Panel Sliding Door Supplier?

  • 28 years in the industry

  • UK Based

  • High Quality

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • We know our product and can advise on its best application.

  • Competitively priced

  • Fast Delivery

Eurocold can provide a quick, cost-effective and quality service for all your Fermod Shelving and supplies. We pride ourselves in providing a quick delivery service and offering our customers the best price possible to carry on maintaining a quality service. We stock a wide range of shelving in different sizes to be able to meet our customer’s needs. 

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