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Coldroom Sliding Doors

Eurocold's fully engineered durable and insulated coldroom sliding doors are designed for ambient, chill and freezer applications. 


​Our products feature:​​

  • Robust construction

  • Anodised aluminum channel and frame (both 3 and 4-sided)

  • Hygienic and foodsafe

  • Specification to suit customer requirements

  • Based on full range of Fermod track systems

  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes

  • Comprehensive warranty package

Eurocold Coldroom Sliding Door Options and Choices

At Eurocold we offer a range of sliding door options and choices:


  • We have both manual and automatic track systems.


  • We offer an anodised aluminium surround and frame as standard, with options for stainless steel or powder coated in a variety of RAL colours, see below. (insert anchor link)


  • Low voltage frame and threshold heaters supplied as standard on all low temperature doors. Heaters can also be incorporated within the door leaf if so required.


  • We have Gasket options depending on operating temperature


  • We offer 40mm, 80mm or 100mm thick PIR insulated core


  • Our Door Leaf finish is White Foodsafe Laminate internal and external as standard. See full details below. (insert anchor link to this text)


  • We have a full range of Fermod locking fasteners all with internal safety release to conform with Health & Safety Regulations.