Static modular shelving system

Assembly is through conic metal clips manufactured in anodized aluminium, and with the famous system patented uprights/horizontal shelf rails.
The 5611 Fermostock can be installed in single units or combinations allowing a number of configurations including « L », « U », « T », and « + » layouts.
This system allows one person to carry out the installation quickly and efficiently without the need of tools.
The 5611 FERMOSTOCK is designed for the food industry and conforms to the construction and regulations ensuring the highest hygienic standards. Each polymer insert is dishwasher safe (+ 100°C maxi).
FERMOSTOCK offers the solutions in space management ensuring maximum use of available storage area through combinations of its standards units. We offer the facility for self design through our Fermostock layout and costing program available on request.
Using temperature : - 40°C to + 80°C.

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