Safety & Protection



When you need to protect welfare areas, machines, walls, columns, doors and access areas, these products are your ideal solution.


Shockproof barriers made of PolyethylenePlus* with additives that hugely improve impact resistance and flexibility.  


This Thermoplastic Polymer is aseptic and so ideal for hygienic environments, does not absorb water, smells, resists acids, detergents and can be installed in very low temprature zones.  


Suitable for installation outdoors and UV resistant.


Easy and quick installation, and incredibly easy to maintain.




Our Walkway/Crawling board is ideal for establishing clear and safe demarcation around/over supported panel ceiling systems.  It offers a secure visual route for service engineers to gain access to plant and controls.  Once on site, the walkway is very simple and quick to assemble.  The metalwork is galvanised to withstand the year-round elements within a roof void, the gritted surface of the walkway grating provides a permanent non-slip surface.  We are nationwide supplier and installer.


Flat packed for easy transport.


The system offers continual protection to the panels’ surface and core from pedestrian under foot traffic.


A site survey and a roof plan will be required in the first instance.